Transcriptomics and proteomics in human sleeping sickness pathogenesis and diagnosis ( DFG)

Funder: Germany African

Amount of funding: Euro 257,000.00

Duration:  3 years (April 2010-December 2013)

Principal Investigator: Professor Christine E. Clyaton

Team Leader Uganda: Professor John C.K. Enyaru

Co-Investigator Uganda: Dr. Enock Matovu

Collaboration: Research collaboration between Makerere University, Uganda and Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie, University of Heidelberg, Germany

 Objectives: Study the immune and inflammatory reactions in African trypanosomiasis patients.Determine the effects of human environment on trypanosomes to provide information on human-trypanosome interactions. Characterise transcriptomes of infecting trypanosomes in order to access whether there are differences between parasites in CSF and blood.  

Contribution to Makerere University

  • Equipment: ELISA reader, PCR machine,
  • Water bath and one WD double cabin pickup.
  • Molecular reagents
  • Technology transfer (Molecular biology techniques) to Makerere from Germany 
  • Capacity building by training two students at Ph.D levels.

More information on the pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis obtained with a possible spill over on identification and development of molecules for diagnosis

Germany African
Euro 257,000.00
3 Years