About Us

The Department of Biochemistry and Sports Sciences brings together two diverse but complimentary elements of science i.e. biochemistry which is the study of the molecular basis of life and sports science, an emerging discipline that applies scientific principles to understand factors associated with performance in sports or health and well-being. The department is responsible for teaching biochemistry and sports science in the Colleges of Natural Sciences, College of Health Sciences and School of Veterinary Medicine.

There is much excitement about biochemistry today across the world for various reasons: the discovery of the structure of DNA; the available knowledge, that organisms as different as bacteria and human beings use the same building blocks to construct macromolecules; the profound influence of biochemistry on medicine. The molecular mechanisms of many diseases such as sickle-cell anaemia and numerous inborn errors of metabolism have been elucidated. Assays of enzyme activity are indispensable in clinical diagnosis. Recombinant DNA technology is being used to produce valuable proteins like insulin, and is also important in agriculture; and the rapid development of powerful biochemical concepts and techniques in recent years that has enabled investigators to tackle some of the most challenging and fundamental problems in biology and medicine.

Sports Science as a branch of science has grown dramatically in the last two decades. The qualified sport scientist is, potentially, a useful resource that a sports coaches and athletes can use, to help address issues that may arise in their sports fields.

At Makerere University, biochemistry and sports science as areas of learning and research have developed with the rapid growth in knowledge and activity. Attempts are made to remain abreast with new developments thereby giving students’ training that is practical and relevant to the needs of the country.

Opportunities are abound for graduates of biochemistry and sports science. Career options for our graduates include a wide range of fields.