Besweri Wandera

Dip Educ, BSc. Sports Science(Mak), Msc In Exercise Health Science(KyU).

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Sports of Science, College of Natural Sciences

Makerere University, P.o.Box 7062 kampala

Tel:             +256 414 534204      

Mob:             +256 752 503663  

Areas of Specialization: Nutritional Health, Health and Fitness, Growth and Development


  • Providing nutri-Health consultancy services in relation to child growth and development; Health and fitness, and weight management.
  • Involved in establishment of a health fitness centre at the department

Undergoing Research: Fitness level of the national football team: implication to performance

Personal statement:

‘’Physical Activity since the inception of man has a core activity in life. Sport has taken a forefront in development and now stands as an industry around which many worldeconomic and political policies rotate. With many nations taking the route to develop sports, I hope to be among those involved in transforming Uganda into a centre stage for movement sciences in Africa.”