Basweri Wandera

PhD Candidate (Kenyatta University), MSc. Exercise Science (KyU) Dip Educ. KyU, BSc. Sports Science (Mak), Dip. Nutritional Therapy
Assistant Lecturer
Department of Biochemistry and Sports of Science, College of Natural Sciences, Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel:   +256 775 522822 / +256 752 503663 (whatsup)
Research Interests: Physical Education Pedagogy, Nutritional Health and Fitness, Growth and Development.

  • Undertaking a PhD study under the title: Assessment of Physical Education as a tool for Health Promotion in Students Lower Secondary School in Uganda.
  • Providing Nutri-Health consultancy services in relation to child growth and development; Health and fitness, and weight management.
  • Involved in establishment of a health fitness centre at the department as well as provision of wellness programs to the University community.
  • Involved with the Ministry of Education and Sports in the development of retooling materials for in-service teachers at Secondary school.
  • Involved with the National Curriculum Development Centre in the Development of Lower Secondary Curriculum for Physical Education.

Personal statement:
“Physical Activity has always played a core role in life of mankind. Over time, sport has taken a forefront in development and now stands as an industry around which many world economic and political policies rotate. With many nations taking the route to develop sports, I hope to be among those involved in transforming Uganda into a centre stage for movement sciences in Africa. Oh yes, the starting point for this process is the formative stage of life when the young people are still at school, hence the need to enhance Physical Education.”